The Steamboat Marathon is this weekend, in case you did not know. This year I am opting for a long mountain bike ride instead of a run, or rather my knee is opting for a ride not run. Oh well, I bet the trails will be empty as everyone will be running.

Creekside Insider Information…..come while the runs are taking place. This equals no line!

How to make watching a marathon fun? Bring chalk and write funny jokes on the pavement. Tie a dollar bill to a string and see who tries to pick it up. Offer them bacon at mile 22. Or you can ride your bikes while the people are running and cheer them on. Believe me it helps. By the time you hit the 7-11 you think you are done but noooo it is still over a mile to the finish line and it is all in the sun.

My favorite Steamboat Marathon running story of all time took place last year.

I decided to run the 10K in prepartation for the Steamboat Triathlon (July 22 and Aug 19 this year) which is another great event. At the starting line I ran into one of my friends, Bebe. Bebe was quite the runner prior to having children. Actually my first conversation ever with Bebe was shortly after she had missed qualifing for the Boston Marathon by 2 minutes, I was impressed. So here we are a year later, our children have become friends and we are getting ready to run. Intimidated…yes I was totally.

Bebe asks me what I planned on running I said, “8:30s or so”
I asked her and she said, “10s” which I thought was a little slow but sometime life gets in the way.

So the race starts with a huge uphill, not fun. Up we go, I seem to be in a good pack and it is lots of fun. Bebe seems to be somewhere behind. After the big hill you run out on the Hot Springs Road then turn around and run back on the same road. This is cool because you get to see how far people are infront of you and how far infront of other people you are. As soon as I turned onto the road the first place guy was there. So he is a full mile ahead of me, I never claimed to be a runner, and he is now training for the Olympics. As I make the turn I see Bebe, she is still behind me which to me is very strange. She is a runner, built like one, has the experience of one, what the heck is she doing behind me.

Oh well, next it is up a slight hill then down a big one to Logan St. This is where the race gets deceiving. You think you are done but nope, about 1 mile to go. What is it with the last mile in a running race, why is it always so hard. So I hit the 5 1/2 mile mark and I am done, yep done, tired, legs are like weights and I am wondering how on earth I am going to run a 10K at the end of the Tri in August. All of sudden someone slaps me on the back and say “what the heck are you doing? I have been chasing you for 5 1/2 miles and you are going so slow! Come on run with me.” You guessed it, it was Bebe. She could have blown by me, left me in my agony, but she did not. Instead she slowed her pace a little and said “Do not quit, you can do this, stay with me” What did I say “I do not think I can” What did Bebe say “that is lame, of course you can” So she proceed to prompt me all the way to the finish. We finished together and it was the best running race I have ever run. Thank you Bebe.

Enjoy your Marathon Weekend! Kelly